Wellness Space

Design & Curation

For the Home

  • Suggest ideal in-home location based on principals of Feng Shui

  • Incorporate existing and (optional) new items into the space

  • Identify and incorporate elements to empower the spaces and its users

For Business
Curation & Programing

For spaces including but not limited to exercise/yoga, rest/relaxation,
mediation/quiet, boutique, etc.


  • Produce a tailored program complementing the energy and wellness needs of your workplace, staff, clients, and/or customers

  • Generate calendar of events and workshops (optional)

  • Create connections with local health and wellness professionals (optional)          

Holistic Interiors

 Holistic Interior Design incorporates attentive considerations of your physical and spiritual wellness needs and mind/body/soul balance to the design, style, and functionality of your home and/or business spaces.

Holistic Interior Design

by Crawford Pallini
$195/hr (20 hour min.)