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Energetic Space Clearing

Energy Healing

"I create sacred space through holistic interior design,

ritual, and ceremony."

            - Rachel Larraine


What to expect...

Before, during, and after an energy session


I will connect with you on what is troubling you or what you are having issues with. I create sacred space by grounding the energy in the room and create a protective bubble by releasing any negative or dark energy in the space and call in clean, clear energy and any guides, ancestors, or animal spirits in alignment with your highest self. 



I connect with your subtle body or aura and into your chakras to see which are blocked. Using reiki energy healing, crystals, and sound, to open the chakras and clear any stuck energy in the aura and main body. While I'm in this healing space I may feel, see or hear messages from your guides. 



Depending on the session, I may give you rituals to practice in your everyday life to maintain those strong and open chakras. At the end of each session, I pull a set of tarot cards for insight, and added clarity on any lingering questions. Afterword, you may feel a number of different things, every session is different for every One. This may include, but not be limited to feeling buzzy, cold, warm, tingly, tired, energized, a sense of clarity, completely calm and relaxed.

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