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Rachel is an incredible designer! I know what I like when I see something put together but I am not able to pick out the individual elements to create what I like. And that's where Rachel came in! She chose lamps, rugs, art, bedding, and smaller decor items. She also arranged the layout for the furniture in the room. I also hired her to shop with me. I really needed my hand held that much! She is also a wonderful person. She has a very easy-going personality, is prompt in returning messages, is fun and kind, but at the same time will give you totally honest advice about what will work best and what just won't work. Many of her ideas I would never have thought of in a million years but they were absolutely perfect once it all came together. I'm so glad to have had Rachel do this project for me and will absolutely hire her again!


Rachel did a complete transformation in my son's and daughter's rooms, yet still managed to do it within our budget. Rachel truly has a gift for design, and I was awestruck watching her work come to life. She paid attention to the pieces we wanted to keep and incorporate into the rooms, so even though the rooms were totally made over, the most special things are still there. She is a true professional, and clearly cares about her clients' wants and needs. I just can't say enough great things about Rachel and her amazing talent, and we couldn't be happier with the results


I witnessed Rachel's gift at a coffee shop that just opened up in Hillcrest called La Marque. I fell in LOVE with all of the decor. It married my two favorite types of designs (rustic and glamorous chic)! She really turned a small space into an amazing and classy coffee shop!


Rachel, was my first experience with an interior designer and I was impressed with her professionalism, creativity, and ability to consider our family's needs. We utilized her services and expertise in the design of our baby's nursery. It was our preference to have a space that would grow with our baby, meet her developmental needs (Montessori in focus) and differ from the usual nursery (floor bed rather than crib, artwork hung at the child's level, completely child-proof, etc...). The resulting space reflects our family's eccentric style choices as well as completely meeting the needs requested for our baby. Now that our baby is here, she adores the functional and lovely space - as does our family and all guests that visit. We are grateful for Rachel's time, kindness, and creative energy. What a beautiful nursery that we absolutely treasure (and spend most of our time in, too)!