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You Are the Oracle

Join Rachel Larraine and Manifest Reiki & Herbs on a healing retreat in Palm Desert and a Land Healing Ceremony at the Salton Sea. We'll create the space for you to unplug, connect, and heal in the quiet desert, under the New Moon.


Delicious vegan meals will be prepared onsite by Veglightenment, and our amazing sponsors, Saje Natural WellnessLovehouse Collective, and Wednesday Cake will help to create a relaxing atmosphere.
(Photos during the retreat will be taken by Studio Luniste).


WHEN: 9/7-9/9/18

WHERE: A luxurious private residence in Palm Desert (pool/hot tub/fire pits/etc.) and the Salton Sea.


WHAT: Pendulum Workshop//Fire Ritual//private Reiki session//Self-healing Workshop//New Moon Intention Setting Ritual//Land Healing Ceremony//Obsidian Crystal Gathering

On Friday, you'll arrive and relax by the pool as we prepare for the weekend together. You'll enjoy a delicious vegan dinner, attend a Pendulum Workshop, where you'll learn how to make and use your own crystal pendulum. You'll end the night by attending a Fire Ritual to release what no longer serves you.

On Saturday, you'll enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You'll receive a private Reiki Session, journal about your experience, connect with others, relfect and relax. You'll attend a self-healing workshop where you'll learn about your energy body and how to take care of it. You'll end the night by attending a New Moon Intention Setting Ritual where you will invite what you need into your life and manifest all that you deserve.

On Sunday, you'll enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast and picnic lunch. We'll leave the residence in Palm Desert and head to the Salton Sea to take part in a Land Healing Ceremony where you will learn ancient techniques to commune and care for the land. We'll end our time together with an Obsidian Crystal gathering. 


If this experience calls to you, please buy your tickets HERE.

Early bird pricing is $675, with a 50% deposit required at time of purchase with balance due by September 1.

Pricing increases to $750 on August 11, for the New Moon.

***If you prefer to avoid service fees, please make your payment here place your payment through VENMO


*Please note that beds are shared by 2 people 
*Please note there is no alcohol permitted on this retreat